Sound Management — Vancouver Island Motorsport Circuit Rezoning Application

Our business is centered around the passion for high performance vehicles, driver training, safety and education. As such, we are continually striving to mitigate sound impacts associated with our operation.

Our location and zoning permits reasonable noise. Our business is currently located in a zone that allows heavy industrial and commercial/recreational activities. We are situated immediately adjacent to the Cowichan Valley Highway, which is a busy thoroughfare for logging trucks, transport trucks and family vehicles heading into Cowichan Lake. It is also on the flight path for aircraft heading into Victoria International Airport. A concrete making facility, recycling plant and soil preparation businesses are our neighbours – each with fleets of trucks providing these essential services to the area. Noise is present all around us. Despite the existing presence of noise, our vehicle engines are introducing a different type of sound.

Understanding sound – and the range of sounds in the area – has been an important part of our learning during our first year of operations. We are continually working towards further mitigating our sound impacts. Our two Class “A” sound monitoring systems register and record sound measurements daily during the time the track is operational. This data will be uploaded to our website weekly (October) to ensure responsive and responsible business operations.

Below is a summary of our sound mitigation efforts.

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We are committed to continual improvements that respect our neighbours, and allow for an exhilarating, world-class high-performance driving experience.