Rezoning — Vancouver Island Motorsport Circuit Rezoning Application

The intent of the rezoning application is to develop a single comprehensive master plan for the entire 275-acre property owned by VIMC. Currently the property is divided into four separate lots which include I2, C8 and A4 zones.

A single zone designates specific uses for defined areas and allows for a phased development of the property. It enables greater planning and design efficiencies which will optimize sound mitigation measures.

This single zone also provides more certainty for the community regarding the types of activities that we will be introducing, and eliminates entirely the possibility that vehicle racing would be introduced at VIMC. The current C8 zoning, which allows track racing, would be removed. 

Phase 2 represents an estimated investment of $60-million and will create an additional 50 - 60 jobs. 

VIMC Rezoning Application documents and related records may be found here.

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